With electricity bills increasing on average 7% each year we need new solutions.

C.R.C Electrical are now installing the new smart home electric radiators.

Covering rural areas like Norfolk and East Anglia we have a large number of homes that are heated by very old and inefficient electric heating i.e storage heaters.

Recently new technologies have now allowed us to improve heating our homes by up to half the price. Making a huge saving on your heating bills.

Old electric heating methods such as storage heaters use very dated technologies with little to no control over your heating. New smart heaters, on the other hand, use smart and extremely efficient thermostats to monitor each room of your house individually within 0.01C accuracy. Each radiator has its own 7-day programmable control built into each radiator giving you full and unlimited control over your heating.

An installation we recently completed, we managed to remove over 20kw of old storage heaters and upgraded to 10kw of smart electric heating, that’s a reduction by 50% of inefficient heating and a further future saving on running costs.

If this product interests you at all or you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact us.